The Whiskey Bar

This technique is best for kicks with an even number of eyelets. It’s comfortable and neat looking!

Step 1 

Start by lacing kickties straight through outside the first set of bottom eyelets. Make sure the kickties are equal in length on both sides.

Step 2 

Lace the left side straight up on the inside, then straight across on the outside.

Step 3 

Lace straight up on the inside skipping one eyelet of both ends, then straight across.

Step 4 

Repeat step 3, alternate running up on the inside and across on the outside until lacing is completed.


For odd set of eyelets, lace the second-from-top eyelet straight across on the outside, then straight back on the inside feeding under the vertical section before emerging through the top eyelet.

“I like my whiskey neaT”